What is “U-PVC”?
Plasticisers are chemicals (such as DOP, DIBP, etc.) which when added to PVC in compounding stage give a soft Plastic Product. U-PVC means unplasticized PVC, or rigid PVC in layman’s terms.

  • 57% of PVC comes from chloride/common salt (unlimited presence on earth).
  • 43% from petrochemicals.

 Value Propositions of U-PVC Windows

  • Do not let outside heat in (in summer) or inside heat out (in winter), provide comfort & save 20-25% power bill – Ideal for Indian Residential Sector.
  • Provide sound & dust insulation – Ideal for Schools, Hospitals, Community Centres, Hotels, Offices, etc.
  • Do not allow rains to come in – Ideal for Rainy and Coastal locations.
  • Excellent weatherability – Do not rust, crack, rot, chip, peel, warp, fade, are termite proof, durable, minimum maintenance and do not need painting.
  • Stylish & Elegant – Available in all shapes and sizes even the old buildings start looking new.
  • Secure – Safety locking arrangements and steel Reinforcement.
File1365512479Energy Efficient

UPVC Windows and doors with a low thermal conductive material can reduce loss of energy by upto 30-35%. The decisive factors in reducing energy loss are the materials of the UPVC window profile and the selection of glass.

File1365575436Fire Retardant

Unlike timber windows, U-PVC sections do not support combustion, and are in fact, self extinguishing.

  • UPVC windows and doors has inherent fire retardant properties due to the presence of Chloride. PVC stops burning when source of fire is removed.
  • In case of Ignitability Evaluation test, rating is ”P”, i.e., not easily Ignitable/ Class 1 Fire Resistance.
In case of Surface Spread of Flame Test, spread of flame is NIL (at termination per 10 min). In a full blown fire, no material is safe.
File1365575562Wind Load

Wind Speeds in India are very high compared to the rest of the world. Normal breeze on ground becomes a gale force on higher floors. Growing trend of high rises in India has raised safety concerns.
UPVC Windows has broad sections, reinforced with steel, multiple seals stop air ingress, in addition there is good sound insulation.

File1365575847Resistance To Weather Elements (UV Rays & Irradiance)
  • India receives UV radiations which are 10 times higher than Europe, 2-3 times higher than China.
  • Temperature goes upto 500°C in Northern Plains, Central India & Rajasthan.
  Special Tropical blend includes
  • Titanium Dioxide: Ensures UV & Colour stability.
  • Heat Stabilizers: Impart strength to withstand high temperatures.
  • Impact Modifiers: Impart strength to withstand high wind load.
File1365575896Weather/ Impact Resistance

While compounding U-PVC, weather resistance is achieved by anti-ultraviolet and high impact resistant formulation. UPVC doors and windows can withstand long exposure to extreme weather conditions including scorching sun, storms, dryness, high humidity. Even in special conditions such as coastal areas (salt, storm, sun) U-PVC is more applicable.

The systems do not rot, corrode nor warp. Unlike alternatives like steel and wood, even after many years, Windoor systems are still perfectly tight and working well, retaining their attractiveness.

File1365575950Maintenance Free

Windoors India windows and doors offer excellent weatherability. They are corrosion resistant and completely maintenance free. U-PVC windows can be easily cleaned with household soap and water.

File1365576014Electricity Insulation

U-PVC windows and doors have a high electrical insulation exceeding 10/15 W-cm.

File1365576066Environment Friendly

Compared to steel and wood, U-PVC windows and doors are relatively energy efficient. As an alternative to wood they reduce the rate of deforestation. Windoors profiles can be recycled.

File1365576112Easy To Install and Customize

Practically any automated or manual processing is possible. Our profiles are very quick and easy to fabricate to customized needs. They are easy to install. We also offer technical support and assistance to install our UPVC windows and doors.

  • Apart from all these advantages, our products are also very economical when compared to the alternatives available.
  • Initial costs are lower for Windoors UPVC doors and windows. And they also work out cheaper in the long run.
  • Due to their low thermal conductivity, they save energy by up to 35%, cutting heating/cooling costs by a third.
  • Recurring costs are cut as they are maintenance free and need no polishing or painting.Unlike wooden doors and windows,Our products will not warp, swell or shrink in rainy or dry weather, needing no repairs.
  • The long term returns on the initial investment will in fact make Windoors windows and doors free of cost during their lifetime!