What is UPVC?

Plasticisers are chemicals (such as DOP, DIBP, etc.) which when added to PVC in compounding stage give a soft Plastic Product. U-PVC means unplasticized PVC, or rigid PVC in layman’s terms.

  • 57% of PVC comes from chloride/common salt (unlimited presence on earth).
  • 43% from petrochemicals.

Value Propositions of U-PVC Windows

  • Do not let outside heat in (in summer) or inside heat out (in winter), provide comfort & save 20-25% power bill – Ideal for Indian Residential Sector.
  • UPVC windows provide sound & dust insulation – Ideal for Schools, Hospitals, Community Centres, Hotels, Offices, etc.
  • UPVC windows do not allow rains to come in – Ideal for Rainy and Coastal locations.
  • Excellent weatherability – Do not rust, crack, rot, chip, peel, warp, fade, are termite proof, durable, minimum maintenance and do not need painting.
  • Stylish & Elegant – Available in all shapes and sizes even the old buildings start looking new.
  • Secure – Safety locking arrangements and steel Reinforcement.