Horizontal and Vertical Aluminium Windows
Horizontal and Vertical Profiles are fixed with screws to guarantee stability to the Aluminium windows and prevent water leaks. (Unlike the conventional Aluminium Windows which is 45 degree cut & fixed by an L Angle.)
Aluminium Windows and Doors
The aluminium windows and doors Corner Joints of the shutter frame and outer frame have been specifically designed and engineered. It has an overlap in the corner to give assured stability.
Shutter Grooves
All shutter grooves and joiner holes are machine-made and uniform to ensure smooth slide and soundless movement of the aluminium window and certifying its long working time.
Drain Holes
Drain Holes are specifically designed and made in the profile for draining the rain water. A self-draining aluminium windows and doors design feature prevents rain from entering.
Mosquito Shutter
A Mosquito Shutter option can be given as seen in the photograph. Fully integrated, interior fly-screens provide an efficient insect barrier.