Can windows contribute to architectural aesthetics?

Yes. WINDOOR systems can structure facades, giving a 3-D or smooth appearance. Large panel glazing or Georgian bars can be utilized to give a distinctive look to the upvc windows and doors in Bangalore. On the inside, Windoors India systems determine the “feel good” factor for the inhabitants.

Are all plastics equal?

No. The great advantage offered by plastics is that they can be custom-engineered for a particular application. A slight change in a plastic’s molecular structure can result in substantial changes of its properties.

Where is U-PVC used in construction?

U-PVC is an approved construction material and one of the architect’s mainstays. U-PVC is as common in pipes, roof gutters, facade cladding, roofing, light-diffusing walls, interior fixtures, cable ducting, and signage, as it is in windows, doors and rolling/folding shutters. Its entire shelf life makes it both an economical as well as environmentally safe solution. U-PVC windows and doors is wind and weatherproof, heat and frost-resistant, maintenance free and user- friendly for the life of the product.

Can modern plastics material be used in restoring old buildings?

Yes. In fact, U-PVC doors and windows are ideal for old buildings. The windows of old buildings are frequently in poor conditions. It is more viable for architects to resort to modern cost effective materials. A highly variable window system makes it possible to reproduce virtually any window design to maintain the aesthetics.

What can window systems do to give buildings a new lease on life?

A lot. Fitting Windoor systems enhances the living comfort and thus the market value of your house or building. WINDOORS, a first for notable renovation both for exterior and interior, face-lift a building and allow for value enhancing improvement.

Are all U-PVC windows the same?

No. Even outwardly identical windows can be completely different on the inside. The quality of the material, stability and durability, design and processing quality vary greatly as do profile design, sealing and system variety. Expert installation and integration are of paramount importance as well.

How strong are Windoor systems?

Their strength conforms to the exacting requirements of skyscraper construction. The windows remain tight even when subjected to driving rain or storms. They conform to all relevant standards and guidelines, both national and international.

Added advantage:
Their unsurpassed corner strength. Welding at the corners of profiles is done directly between two high impact strength U-PVC surfaces, i.e. without using any adhesive. Owing to this homogenous joining technique, the finished product offers the mechanical and aesthetic advantages of a profile made from one piece.

Are there Standards for Windoor systems?

Yes. They form the basis for high-quality products, governing everything from profile manufacture and quality to installation. Many performance specifications are not merely satisfied but even surpassed by Windoors U-PVC profiles.

How are the noise attenuation characteristics of a window determined?

Windoors India window systems can be fitted with special sound insulation double glass glazing on request. Apart from tightness, profile design, pane thickness, and pane spacing, the overall upvc window and door design plays a substantial role in noise insulation.

What colors are Windoors window profiles available in?

White window profiles are the most popular. However, we also offer attractive upvc windoors and doors and many colour coated profiles.

How much maintenance and care do Windoor systems require?

“Easy care” describes Windoors India UPVC windows and doors best. Dry, wet, or aggressive dirt doesn’t adhere to the perfectly silky smooth finish like it does to a cracked, porous finish. Normally, only washing or wiping with a mild detergent is required.

How do Windoor systems behave in a fire?

Windoor systems offer considerable fire protection. Our profiles contain a flame retardant that does not decompose with time. It will not burn by itself and extinguishes itself without providing an ignition source.

Which opening variations can a Windoors window have?

Turn sash, Tilt sash, Tilt and turn sash, Sliding sash, Folding sash, Horizontal pivot sash, Vertical pivot sash, and Top-hung sash.

What sort of window segmentation is best?

The decisive factors here are the architecture of the facade, the layout of the room and the purpose to be served. Thanks to the great variety offered by Windoor systems, a window area can be subdivided in virtually any manner desired. However, excessively wide sashes should be avoided, as they protrude far into the room when open, thus turning entire room areas into non-usable space.

Does Windoors make shutter profiles?

Yes. Various shades (including white) and wood finishes are available.

How long does it take to fit or replace old windows?

Generally this can be done in a matter of hours, or a few days if many windows or doors are replaced with Windoor systems. When delivered, the new windows and doors are completely assembled and fitted with millimeter precision, tied in place, and sealed.